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The Hurt Hub @Davidson College, 210 Delburg St, 28036


PrivacyCloud sits at the intersection of Privacy Engineering, Privacy Tech, and a strong cross-border legal background.

Why Privacy Cloud?

Our team combines dually-admitted lawyers, privacy engineers, and AI experts. More specifically, you will find us at the intersection of three areas of expertise:

Data Protection Law

Both our CEO (a Member of the European Data Protection Board’s Support Pool of Experts) and two of our external advisors are dual-admitted lawyers with a background evenly split across three or more jurisdictions, in all cases narrowly focused on ePrivacy and Internet law. This has given us a unique advantage when it comes to appreciating the underlying differences (and commonalities) between the EU legal framework (ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, Digital Services Act, upcoming AI Act, etc.), US state-level or federal laws (CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, COPPA, etc.) and other country-specific frameworks partly inspired by some of the above.

privacy engineering

Our more technical team members share a combined background in mathematics and computer science that has proven ideal for the application of the more widely-established PETs: Differential Privacy, Federated Learning, De-identification, Homomorphic Encryption, Multi-party Computation, and Trusted Execution Environments. This has been complemented by the extraordinary capabilities of both our external advisors and business partners, with particular emphasis in Local-Processing solutions and Trustworthy AI.


We boast two decades of experience rolling out enterprise-level eCommerce, Digital Analytics and Marketing Technology solutions, having been exposed to SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), or PaaS (Platform as a Service) since their inception, and adding to them advanced statistics and Machine Learning capabilities for the past seven years.