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PrivacyCloud sits at the intersection of Privacy Engineering, Digital transformation (Tech & Data-powered marketing and sales operations), and a strong cross-border legal background.



Dual-admitted lawyer (Madrid, England & Wales) with a programming background. LL.M in IT & Internet law (Queen Mary University), lecturer on ePrivacy/GDPR (IE Business School) and published author on digital analytics and Internet law. CIPP/E. Member of the European Data Protection Board’s Support Pool of Experts.

Past: Founder/CEO, Sweetspot Intelligence (now @ClickDimensions) and founder/CEO, DIVISADERO (now @MerkleSpain).

Surfer. Bad guitar player.


Senior Engineer, PET & Product Development

Full-stack engineer with a background in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Good understanding of Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Privacy Budget management, and privacy safeguards for cloud-based and distributed network environments. A quiet fan of mindfulness.


Senior Engineer, PET & Product Development

Degree in Software Engineering and Masters in Big Data and Business Analytics. In-depth knowledge of Personal Information Management Systems, decentralized data management, and Federated Learning.

Fernando loves building things, most of them self-hosted in his own home just for the sake of it, automating boring stuff and buying high-end tech he doesn’t really need. He also loves going on long walks with his two dogs.

Of counsel



Double degree in Mathematics and Physics. Master’s Degree in Advanced Multivariate Data Analysis and Big Data (with honors). Manuel has worked on the analysis of data from the LHC Run 2 in the search for dark matter candidates, and is fully versed in a variety of languages and frameworks including C++, Python, Golang or Django. He loves programming robots and playing around with IoT solutions.

Why PrivacyCloud?

We combine a cross-border legal background with Privacy Engineering know-how and hands-on subject matter expertise in Marketing Technology, Analytics & AI, eCommerce and AdTech. We can offer ad hoc or ongoing support to large and small organizations, easily complementing their existing privacy compliance and product development capabilities.

Digital strategy

We boast two decades of experience rolling out enterprise-level eCommerce, Digital Analytics and Marketing Technology solutions, having been exposed to SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), or PaaS (Platform as a Service) since their inception, and adding to them advanced statistics and Machine Learning capabilities for the past seven years.

privacy engineering

Our more technical team members share a combined background in mathematics and computer science that has proven ideal for the application of the more widely-established PETs: Differential Privacy, Federated Learning, De-identification, Homomorphic Encryption, Multi-party Computation, and Trusted Execution Environments. This has been complemented by the extraordinary capabilities of both our external advisors and business partners, with particular emphasis in Local-Processing solutions and Trustworthy AI.

Comparative law

Both our CEO and two of our external advisors are dual-admitted lawyers with a background evenly split across three or more jurisdictions, in all cases narrowly focused on ePrivacy and Internet law. This has given us a unique advantage when it comes to appreciating the underlying differences (and commonalities) between the EU legal framework (ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, Digital Services Act, upcoming AI Act, etc.), US state-level or federal laws (CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, COPPA, etc.) and other country-specific frameworks partly inspired by some of the above.