App Developers

Mobile app developers have long resorted to tracking-based advertising or plain personal data brokerage as a means of monetization. PrivacyCloud provides a powerful, GDPR-compliant alternative that leverages the full potential of our Trusted Brands Program.

Access and payments

By joining the PrivacyCloud for Apps program, your app is eligible for inclusion in the WeRule marketplace. This ensures that you are paid for real usage across the WeRule audience base, while enjoying the benefits of an ad-free ecosystem: less clutter and a far more pleasant user experience.


PCloudID provides an identity management layer that is compatible with the PrivacyCloud Protocol, enabling self-measurement and Privacy by Design features.

Online Media

The advertising model has pushed online publishers into a corner, with the value of inventories in free fall, and an inability to compensate existing losses through subscription fees.

PrivacyCloud leverages your content and paywall capabilities through customer-driven subscription bundles, guaranteeing that you get paid for actual readership while sparing you two arch-enemies of customer experience:

  • Out-of-control, third party-managed tracking and ad inventory monetization tools
  • Consent management pop-ups and intrusive privacy notices notices legally required by ad + tracking monetization environments

Furthermore, media outlets are offered an additional option to access rich audience information through unintrusive, direct user consent.


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