Take control of your data

You have heard this before: your information is valuable. However, neither us nor the existing legal framework support a personal data exchange where the most fundamental individual rights can be traded for a price.

We have chosen to strike a balance between personal data ownership (with the freedom this entails) and the responsible oversight required in a complex digital environment.

This balance underlines the various pieces of our consumer-facing tools, together providing new and exciting possibilities:

iRULE is your
personal data wallet

Every time you install a new app you are faced with a dilemma: Should I just “Login with Facebook”, or should I fill in an entire form, all over again? The first option does not inspire much trust. And you don’t really have time for the latter.

iRULE allows you easily access a growing range of apps and services while remaining in full control the information you have shared with them.

iRULE is your free pass for an extensive range of subscriptions and services

What if a few brands of your choice stopped grilling you with ads and started sponsoring your favorite subscriptions, including: Netflix, Spotify Premium, news, football channels, and many others?

iRULE is your brand relationship management platform

Connect with your favorite brands and suppliers through a single interface, taking control over the manner in which they access your personal data. Make the most of the exclusive offers that they will make available to you once a week.


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