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With entirely different backgrounds ranging from Cyberlaw to analytics, we share a passion for impactful marketing, decentralization, and well-written code. While none of us are new to the startup world, PrivacyCloud is our first foray into the consumer-facing space  


Victor (BA in Computer Sciences, MA in Project Management) combines his strong technical and management skills with a thorough understanding of the Marketing Technology and Data Analytics space. He has previously co-founded Sweetspot Intelligence and led the product area until its acquisition by ClickDimensions in 2019.


Sergio (LLM, CIPP/E) is an experienced team builder in the marketing technology and data analytics space, as well as a dually-admitted lawyer (Spain, UK). He has previously founded and run Sweetspot Intelligence (acquired by ClickDimensions in 2019) and Divisadero (acquired by Merkle/Dentsu in 2017).

Ignacio Menén

Ignacio is a hands-on financial professional with a proven record managing financial departments of high growth business in many capacities. He has been Financial Controller at Sweetspot Intelligence, working closely with VC investors (Inveready, Keyword) from inception to exit.

Raquel Iglesias

Raquel is a UX/UI Designer for Web & Mobile. She has developing new projects for established brands and startups, being able to work from research to production. She loves learning how people think and behave, and she leverages research to design user-centered experiences which solve user problems.

Shahved Katoch

With a background in Mathematics and Computer Science, Shahved enjoys to cook both literally and figuratively, as a full stack engineer (hacker). When he’s not enhancing his culinary skills or developing new recipes, he’s out doing different activities while practicing mindfullness.

Cristina Moro

Graduate in Commerce and Marketing, committed to the economic growth of the company, but also concerned about her constant development. She tries to do with passion everything she likes and tries to continue forming continuously. Lover of travel and fashion marketing.

ago Martín

A passionate software engineer who loves to craft quality software that users love to use, reduce waste during the development process and play around with new technologies. He also likes to share and learn with the dev community.

Carmen Sors

Carmen is an undergraduate in Computer Engineering and she is very interested in security, accessibility and social justice. As she is still at university, she is continuously exposed to new ways to improve her skill set.

Alejandro González

Graduated in Law at the University of Oviedo, Alejandro is a member of our legal team. He is passionate about new technologies and therefore decided to focus his career in Digital Law and Data Protection. He is also a great fan of electronic sports, having participated as a player in several national events.

Javier Lopez

Javier is an expert in business development. With a long career in digital, he has worked for a variety of consultancies and multinational software companies targeting Southern Europe. Passionate about sales, Javier is an expert in creating plans that introduce, develop, and consolidate the market utilizing distinct sales channels to achieve the set objectives through the employment of Value Strategy.

Founded in March 2018, PrivacyCloud closed its first round of external investment in October 2019, with financial services group BBVA and Spain-based investment vehicle La Sexta Opcion becoming minority shareholders.



Is a customer-centric global financial services group founded in 1857. The Group has a solid leading position in Spain, is the largest financial institution in Mexico, and has leading franchises in South America, the SunBelt Region of the United States, and Turkey.

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La Sexta Opción

Is an investment vehicle promoted and coordinated by ILP Lawyers and the villacellino foundation, grouping together 40 experienced business leaders. Its investment in PrivacyCloud followed a thorough review of over 200 startups, under the umbrella of its 2019 “400k” funding program.

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