NODO Terms of Service

Both the NODO website ( and NODO app (both referred to as “NODO”) are run by PrivacyCloud SL of Ponzano 51, 28003 Madrid, Spain, with VAT B88009089 (“PrivacyCloud” or “us”).

By signing up to NODO you confirm that you have read and agree with the then-current Terms of Service. By accessing or using the NODO services, you agree that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, and have the capacity to understand and agree to these Terms. You are responsible for your interaction with, and any content or information you share through, the use of NODO services, and your use of NODO is at your own risk. Violating the Terms of Service may result in the direct cancellation of your NODO account. You agree that you will not use the NODO services for any purpose that is prohibited or restricted by law, or otherwise unauthorized in these Terms of Service.

Signing up

We will only request an email address to register with NODO. A verification message will follow, including a direct link to access an account control panel within your individual profile.

When you access third party media websites that PrivacyCloud has entered into an agreement with, you will be able to use the ‘Login with NODO’ system to sign up with them.


When you sign up, we will also ask you to create a password. You agree to keep your password secret. If you believe or suspect that your password or user credentials (combining email and password) have been compromised, please notify us and update your password immediately. You may change your password at any time, by accessing the Settings section within your NODO account.

Accessing and using NODO

NODO is a smart personal assistant that will help you find things you are interested in online, while protecting your privacy from certain behavioral tracking and advertising. Specifically, NODO will connect you with unique brands and independent retailers, giving you full control over your personal information and the manner in which you share such information on the internet.

You may interact with NODO in three separate ways:

  • Over email, answering simple questions that NODO will share with you as often as you wish. These questions may be very specific or very open, and may enable you to compare products or describe an upcoming purchase you have in mind. These questions may or may not be related to a certain offer or NODO partner.
  • Within your personal account (, which will show you the preferences you have provided us so far, and will give you a history of all the things that NODO has been doing for you. In this control panel, you will also be able to manage your account information, including email address and password, and delete you account
  • When accessing content on a website or digital media publisher participating in the ‘Login with NODO’ program. If you choose to login with NODO, you will receive benefits which may include subscription-free content or removal of intrusive cookies, web beacons, and banner or display advertising.

Whenever you accept a commercial suggestion or offer from NODO, you will find a direct link to the supplier’s website. Clicking on this link will take you directly to the supplier’s website, and will include an anonymous parameter that will help guarantee that a) the terms of any offer you received through NODO are respected; and b) these suppliers will know that you were referred by NODO, helping us keep working for you. No personally identifiable information or data is included in this single parameter we send on the click.

Cancelling your account. Termination

You may cancel your NODO profile at any time from the “Settings” tab in your control panel. We may also cancel your account if we find you in breach of these Terms of Service, in which case we will notify you over email.

Additionally, we may unilaterally cancel your NODO account for business viability reasons, insolvency, bankruptcy proceedings or similar scenarios leading to the total or partial interruption or suspension of our services or business activities. In such cases, you will receive an email notification three months prior to the effective closure of the NODO service.

Should your relationship with PrivacyCloud end for any reasons, access to your NODO profile will be discontinued and its content deleted, with the exception of a copy kept for account security, future access, and any information we may be obliged to keep to comply with legal requirements. We will keep such data properly isolated and in line with our Privacy Policy.

We Will Not Sell Your Personal Data

NODO is free for you. Our services are never delivered on top of or financed with the sale or transfer of your personal information. We may subsidize the third-party content and online publications you access through Login with NODO by receiving payment from companies whose brands or offers we present to you directly, based on the needs or preferences you have declared while using NODO. We may also receive payment from businesses if you purchase from one of our suppliers while using the NODO service.


We provide the NODO services with a reasonable level of skill and care. However, there are certain things that we cannot promise:

  • We do not warrant that the NODO services will be secure, accurate, uninterrupted or error free or that they will meet your specific requirements. For example, we do not give any warranties about the specific functions of the NODO website or NODO app, or their reliability, availability, or ability to meet your requirements.We provide both “as is”.
  • To the extent permitted by law, PrivacyCloud excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
  • Your use of third party media, services, or websites through “Login with NODO”, may be subject to separate terms between you and the relevant third party.
  • We provide no warrants with regards to goods or services that you may acquire from advertisers, brands, or suppliers included in our offers. You acknowledge that you are entering into a separate relationship with any such third party.


We may make changes to these Terms of Service from time to time, and will notify you through the control panel in your NODO profile of any material changes.

Law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Service, and any non-contractual obligations arising in connection with them,are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain, and the Madrid courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute arising in connection with them.