taking control
of YOUR PRIVACY IS EASIER than you think

did you ever wonder why YOU SEE ALL THOSE CREEPY ADS that seem to follow you around?

how many times have you SEARCHED FOR HOURS before finding what you’re shopping for online?

how many times have you clicked ACCEPT COOKIES just to see an article or a video on a website?

isn’t there A BETTER WAY to get what we want?

yes! NODO is here
to change how we ENJOY AND DISCOVER AND CONTROL the things we want online

tell NODO WHAT YOU WANT to discover

without the whole internet FINDING OUT about it

share your interests, and NODO will send you exclusive access to content and offers without any sneaky ads that track your every move, and without selling your personal data 

getting to know you better over time. always learning. always respectful. with NODO you are in control

changing how we personalize content and offers in a way that is BETTER, SMARTER, AND PRIVATE won’t happen overnight, but it will be worth the wait. NODO will launch in 2022

sign up and reserve your place. THE CHANGE STARTS TODAY

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