connect with your customers IN A WHOLE NEW WAY

And we mean it: A whole new way

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TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and REAL CONSENT. Serving all parties

Media maintain control over their audience’s experience; users obtain access to tracking-free, premium content, connecting with with brands they are interested in; advertisers enjoy greater brand safety and superior business outcomes.

NO HIDDEN BROKERS. Only the content that people want and the brands they are interested in

This is a real change. Why should we keep a flawed, outdated business model that does not help anyone?

A new, direct relationship between brands and consumers, of great value to both.

PrivacyCloud delivers powerful new tools to both end users and brands. Customers take back control of their data, connecting with brands they trust. The latter obtain zero-party data in an open, transparent manner, and this results in more relevant value exchanges.

Trusted Brands

Tangible benefits for brands ready to work under Privacy by Design principles

PrivacyCloud offers you an entirely new way to directly connect with new and existing customers, under principles of transparency and control.

One-to-One marketing

Connect with your customer base on their own terms
A zero-party data repository created and enriched by end users themselves, combining their needs and preferences. An entirely new kind of dataset which is fully aligned with the current regulatory framework and allows you to address your customers in a truly relevant manner.
Everything changes when you enter zero-party data, declared data, and clean data
When you build this sort of relationship, on the basis of real consent, you do away with current problems: the low quality of data, the brokers, the fraud, and the brand risk.
Quality Data vs Big Data. More is not always better
We have made a firm bet on useful data. The limitations of a low-quality data scenario are probably well known to you already.
People's interests change over time. Let's talk about up-to-date information and fresh data
User preferences change, but they will happily keep you posted if given control, helping you put an end to a waste of advertising dollars. It is high time to stop chasing current customers with products they have already purchased.

Privacy as a Service

Plug-and-play privacy compliance. Imagine your DPO's happy face
Yes, we can also help you keep your Data Protection Officer happy. Our offering incorporates strong Privacy as a Service capabilities. By deploying our Customer Data Hub, you will be aligning interconnected Marketing and Analytics practices to the GDPR and CCPA regulatory frameworks.
Privacy by Design
This is not a new concept. It's been around for over 20 years. However, not everyone has paid much attention to it so far. PrivacyCloud tools abide by it. This spares us from having to patch things up at a later stage, or finding nasty surprises. It is pretty much common sense, and will only help us all build the necessary trust.
Can you imagine being able to build campaigns with a clear understanding of your customers’ needs?

Discover the power of ZERO-PARTY DATA

A new precision with

ok, so What do I do with everything we have been putting together SO FAR?

Ping us. We are eager to discuss the many options available for you to make the most of your current stack while getting started with PrivacyCloud.