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powers truly reciprocal, #Privacy-first, One-to-One marketing that works.

How does it HELP US?


Find new, better customers at a lower cost.

All of it while showing real respect for their data and avoiding privacy compliance headaches.


Connect with your customers in a whole new way

Hint: it does not involve chasing them around or creeping them out!

What do our CUSTOMERS SAY?

David Carro

“Zero-Party Data is a promising new way to diversify your media spend.”

Alejandro Domínguez

"PrivacyCloud is finally providing a privacy-first alternative to other customer acquisition channels, entirely changing the rules around data collection, data activation and actionable insights."

Benito Peral

“Activation Studio is finally allowing digital marketers leverage one-to-one connections without the risk and costs of GDPR compliance.”


Why should I EVEN CARE?

There are six reasons why major advertisers are already benefiting from PrivacyCloud’s Activation Studio. The following remain the primary concerns of every Digital Marketer as we enter 2021:

Ad fraud

Up to 30% of the overall digital marketing budget is retained by a wide range of scams


The so-called “Ad Tech Tax” keeps up to 52% of your entire ad spend.

Social unrest

25% of the internet population uses AdBlockers and most reject retargeting, profiling.

Legal risks

Data protection agencies have started to enforce a strict threshold for valid consent.

Brand safety

Bidding on profiles (vs context) is quickly becoming akin to sponsoring the worst possible values.

Unreliable metrics

As a result of blocked cookies, walled gardens, tracking prevention, lack of standards.

Put it more simply, by leveraging Zero-Party Data, ACTIVATION STUDIO GUARANTEES UNPARALLELED ROI

with a fraction of the legal and reputational risks of existing channels.

You already know how chasing third-party cookie-based audience profiles currently works for you.

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