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A few insights on the development of this fascinating field, and our take on its various pillars.

2018: The Rise of Privacy

There is little doubt that 2018 earned its place in the history of personal data protection, but we still found it useful to put together a little summary of the year’s most meaningful events (data breaches, claims, scandals, legislation!…).

We also find it important to mention that many of us chose 2018 to embark on new business ventures aiming to take certain industries, or society as a whole, to a new level in terms of privacy ethics, data democratization, decentralized identity, or pure regulatory compliance. In our case (at PrivacyCloud) it was a strong belief in true customer centricity and a complete redefinition of the business models powering most digital experiences that led us to take the leap.

All of it, data breachesclaimsscandalsbreakthrough legislation, and new privacy-focused business ventures follow below, in chronological order, with a collage of key headlines providing a visual summary in our “four seasons” Infographic (embedded here for future reference — please feel free to download it or reuse it however you see fit).

2018: Year of Privacy












Quite a run!

Of course, looking at such an eventful year one cannot help thinking: Will the trend continue in 2019? Will this be the year that EU Supervisory Authorities take the lead in enforcing the GDPR? Will they be able to bend the AdTech industry into complying? Will the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation provoke a whole new chain reaction?

One thing is certain about the new year, whatever the muscle or will of privacy enforcement bodies across the world: Businesses and governments will collect even more data about even more people, and, for good or bad, with or without our knowledge, more of that data will be used to power our digital lives.

Whether it is people or businesses who take control of such data remains to be seen.

Happy 2019!!

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