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Are you ready for the next revolution in customer acquisition and retention?

PrivacyCloud provides a powerful alternative to tracking-based advertising and stealth data collection, ensuring full customer control over their personal data, and truly relevant personalization.

Trusted Brands Program

PrivacyCloud’s Trusted Brands Program (TBP) is the fastest way to leverage customer-owned data through existing activation channels. The TBP can be used as a full replacement for your current databases, or as a means to enrich your Customer Data Platform (CDP), Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM), or Data Management Platform (DMP) with clean, customer-owned data. 


Customer Data Hub

PrivacyCloud’s Customer Data Hub (CDH) is a self-contained audience discovery platform that leverages aggregate, customer-owned information for in-app data activation and exploratory purposes. The CDH provides a fast, out-of-the-box solution for businesses who prefer to work with a separate, Privacy by Design repository rather than wait for their current Marketing Technology stack to guarantee full GDPR compliance.

DPO Solutions

Ensuring GDPR/ePrivacy compliance of Digital Marketing activities.

Analytics, AdTech, cookies, CRM, DMPs, CDPs… can become a Data Protection Officer’s worst nightmare in the age of the GDPR, ePrivacy and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

PrivacyCloud facilitates a smooth transition to a consistent Privacy-by-Design environment which places data subjects at the true center of every process, ensuring an alignment of objectives between CMOs/CDOs and DPOs.

The following services will often be bundled with our Privacy-by-Design marketing offering:


Data flow auditing and Privacy Impact Assessment for the resulting Marketing Technology stack (required under the Trusted Brands Program).

SaaS verification

We are building our own database of SaaS providers in the marketing technology space with detailed analysis of their GDPR compliance strategies.

CMP interoperability

Evaluating and integrating native or third-party Consent Management Platforms for full compatibility with overall Privacy by Design efforts.


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