Trusted Brands Program

It is high time for brands to embrace an entirely new marketing channel for their customer acquisition and loyalty needs. One that is built on transparency, Privacy by Design principles, user-declared data, and first-party relationships.


PrivacyCloud’s Trusted Brands program is our straight-forward answer to the six primary challenges of the digital advertising ecosystem: Ad Fraud, costly intermediation, social unrest, legal risks, brand safety, and unreliable metrics.

Ad fraud

Reaching 25% of the overall RTB budget


Retaining 50% of the entire ad spend

Social unrest

25% of the internet population uses AdBlockers and most reject retargeting, profiling

Legal risks

Data protection agencies have started to enforce a strict threshold for valid consent

Brand safety

Bidding on profiles (vs context) is quickly becoming akin to sponsoring the worst possible values

Unreliable metrics

As a result of blocked cookies, walled gardens, tracking prevention, lack of standards

What does becoming a Trusted Brand mean for your business?

  • Always up-to-date and managed by end users themselves, consented by nature. Originating in a growing range of data sources, unlocking unprecedented capabilities: household-level interests, regular expenditures, social interactions, content topics, retail preferences, loyalty cards, personal banking, etc.

  • Avoiding the intrusion and inconvenience associated to hard-to-follow, mostly non-GDPR compliant cookie banners and consent management tools.

  • Saving an average 25% of your total ad spend will probably beat the most optimistic expectations of your attribution modeling or multi-channel optimization efforts.

  • 99% of your investment will flow directly to publishers or end users (vs. a 50% toll in RTB scenarios)

  • Stay in full control over the experiences and content enjoyed by audiences and customers as part of your ongoing relationship.

  • Through WeRule’s In-app deals as well as similar features offered by PrivacyCloud trusted partners.

  • Thanks to powerful self-management tools for end users to exercise their privacy rights at their own convenience.

  • With the user’s true consent, who may at any point in time withdraw it with minimum effort on either side.

  • In terms of offline activation, allowing customers to turn their smartphones into powerful loyalty cards.

  • Associated to working under Privacy by Design principles.

Customer Data Hub

What do you call a truly customer centric CDP?

PrivacyCloud’s Customer Data Hub is here to solve the most pressing issues associated to omnichannel data activation and “single customer view” endeavors, be it through Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Customer Journey Analytics, CRM, or Attribution tools:

Privacy compliance

99% of websites and apps are falling well below the EU EDPB’s official guidelines for valid consent under GDPR

Outdated data sets

End user data decays fast once kept isolated from ongoing digital experiences

Lack of unique IDs

Every particular touch point relies on different identifiers or is forced to resort to differing sessionization techniques

Limited activation

Subject to the availability of flexible entry points at content or media experience level

Complementing your MarTech stack with PrivacyCloud’s CDH will result in a unified, single source of truth granting:
  • For your data processing activities, entirely built on Privacy by Design principles

  • Keeping a single unified profile per user: Cross-brand, cross-channel, cross-vertical

  • Mostly kept in the context of each specific digital experience

  • Of anonymous audience cohorts

  • Through native (In-app, offline) or standard (email) channels

  • For external activation

  • For the exercise of data subject rights, with a powerful DPO (Data Protection Officer) dashboard providing a snapshot of existing end user interactions.

Feature walkthrough

Audience Builder will allow you to build audiences as a starting point for your permissioned data-driven campaigns or direct benefits.

Activation Studio enables three different activation channels for your available audiences: Direct activation, in-mail, or direct benefits (offline), including data export features.

Activation Studio empowers organizations of all sizes with a versatile workspace for the exploration and activation of existing one-to-one connections. Specifically, the following features are available to all verticals by default:

  1. Direct, native campaigns, targeting your own connections in their own terms, leveraging a wide array of unprecedented user data points originating in customer-driven data sources.
  2. Data export capabilities for further integration into your own CRM, CDP, or data lake, powering external loyalty benefits or activation campaigns with clean, permissioned data.

Self-service data subject rights management features (available to users through the WeRule app) are mirrored on the data controller’s side with an intuitive admin dashboard. DPOs, compliance teams, or marketing and analytics leaders can now understand the manner in which each organization’s existing connections are choosing the exercise their cross-border privacy rights.


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