About us

Our Team

With entirely different backgrounds ranging from Cyberlaw to analytics, we share a passion for impactful marketing, decentralization, and well-written code. While none of us are new to the startup world, PrivacyCloud is our first foray into the consumer-facing space.

Leadership Team

Sergio Maldonado

Sergio’s career sits at the intersection of law, technology, and entrepreneurship. As a lawyer, he has been admitted to practice in both Spain and England/Wales, pioneering legal advice to eCommerce startups in the early 2000s and holding both an LL.M in Internet law a CIPP/E (GDPR/ePrivacy). As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of both Sweetspot DS and DIVISADERO (acquired by Merkle in 2017). He is also an avid surfer.

Víctor Pérez

Victor (BA in Computer Sciences, MA in Project Management) combines his strong technical and management skills with a thorough understanding of the Marketing Technology space. He has an innate passion to apply deep tech to solve real world problems in a highly accessible manner. At the end of the week, he still finds time to join his friends for jam sessions playing awful bass lines!

Sergio Álvarez

A Software Engineer with a solid understanding of web technologies, Sergio loves to create fully dynamic web applications, abiding by the highest quality standards. He is also also passionate about sharing knowledge and has spoken at events around Europe on writing maintainable and scalable applications.

Ignacio Menéndez

Ignacio is a hands-on financial professional with proven record on managing financial departments of high growth business in many capacities. His solid knowledge in accounting and operations helps him guide the financial planning and decision-making process. He loves playing golf and the stock trading.

Of Counsel

Íñigo Garel-Jones

Inigo is a career marketer with a breadth of experience in digital. He has built several marketing functions in start-ups and multinationals, a long time follower, user and victim of the current privacy and martech/adtech conundrum, he currently works at IBMiX assisting organisations navigate through today’s marketing challenges helping them design and build new ways of engaging with customers.

Our Mission

PrivacyCloud is not about getting people to sell their data, or their dignity. It is not about helping businesses find shortcuts and workarounds to avoid privacy laws, either. This is about a complete replacement of the ad-supported Internet, from brokers/ads to subscriptions/sponsorship; from stealth data collection to full transparency.

Now, we have an even better explanation (below), should you be ready to invest five minutes of your time reading past the headlines and teaser videos.

The Setting

  • Personal data ownership opens entirely new avenues for the enjoyment of content, entertainment, shopping, or social experiences.
  • Brands are presented with a unique opportunity to build deeper, trusted, permission-based, one-to-one relationships with their audiences and customers. These relationships are built on reliable metrics, as it is people who measure and expose themselves out of their own accord.
  • Media firms are back in the driving seat of information and entertainment experiences, as permission-based environments favor content bundles (a single entry/consent point) over ad inventory pools.

Our Commitment

  1. For individuals: Data ownership. A personal data repository that becomes an identity, preferences, self-measurement, and discovery layer.
  2. For marketers: A fully compliant Customer Data Hub able to leverage user-powered, permission-based relationships while their existing or future SaaS stack falls in line with a similar level of compliance.
  3. For App and media publishers: A new, powerful, Privacy by Design means of monetization in the face of near-complete commoditization of ad inventory and paywall saturation.

Our Goals

  • Personalized experiences, where appreciated, are fully democratized across the wider spectrum of media, entertainment, financial, or shopping services.
  • Brands embrace an existing framework that is GDPR-compliant by default, thus doing away with painful adjustments to their current practices. Even more crucial: Brands are able to leverage a true Customer Data Platform that feeds directly on richer, more trustworthy, consumer-controlled information.
  • Media find an unexpected lifeline, as their output ceases to compete for advertising dollars in a pool of commoditized content pieces (or subscription dollars in an ocean of alternatives), differentiating themselves instead on the basis of their ability to attract individuals willing to trade ad-driven experiences for a clean one-to-one exchange with clearly exposed, sponsoring brands.
  • Individuals are able to know who maintains a copy of specific pieces of their personal profile at any point in time, being able to exercise their newly granted rights. Furthermore, they enter a future in which demand for goods and services can be exposed to brands with which individuals have chosen to maintain a relationship, thus opening themselves to bids for their satisfaction.


We are strong believers in decentralization and the potential of the public blockchain for true customer empowerment.

However, we still believe it is early days for its application to personal data ownership in light of applicable privacy laws across the globe. For starters, two particular requirements of the EU privacy framework (GDPR) run counter to the employment of a public blockchain to our stated purposes:

  • Right to be forgotten (art. 17 GDPR)
  • Control over international data transfers to countries not showing an adequate level of protection (art. 44 GDPR).

With this in mind, we are not prepared to season our pitch with crypto-jargon and unnecessary blockchain sidekicks for the sole purposes of joining the ICO party. Time will surely come, and we will be more than ready for it.

In other words, PrivacyCloud will ultimately become an awareness, discovery, intent, and experience platform. Full adoption will also leave the door open to becoming the entry point to every individual’s social graph.


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